I specialize in digital strategy & audience engagement.

What does that even mean? Well:

  • Content creation & editing

Sometimes putting pen to paper isn’t as easy at it looks. Sometimes, there’s so much to say that all of a sudden you have a whole page of text for a pamphlet that can only really fit 250 words. Sometimes, your experts have written a thorough 12-page analysis of an issue and insist it belongs on the website. — Don’t worry. I can help with this. It’s what I do.

  • Social media

“My organization is on social media, but I feel like we’re not getting as much out of it as we could be. Can you help?”


I can’t tell you how many people have asked me for Twitter advice, or how many times I’ve explained the difference between a personal profile and a page on Facebook. I’ve live-tweeted countless events, helped clients drafted blog posts and get set up (or fix their set up) on various social media platforms. I also advise clients on which social platforms are most appropriate for their intended audiences, what kind of content to post (and how often), and how to grow their reach online.

  • Website optimization

Improving the user experience (UX) of your website has huge potential to benefit you and/or your organization. Working together to address your specific goals and primary target audience, I can recommend a suite of tools for evaluating and monitoring your site’s performance as well as suggest tweaks to your information architecture (where the info on your site lives / is found) and online content that would increase readership and engagement.

Need help with any of the above? Get in touch. If you’re in Ottawa, let’s grab a coffee.


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